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PDT International is a full service consultancy firm providing innovative ideas and design strategies to leading corporations around the world.

Our entire team is unified under a cohesive vision and set of values. Above all, we believe that passion is the motive for initiating any project and the determining factor in developing it into a highly successful result. We stand for the creativity and ingenuity that surge from a global economy and we leverage this with our design expertise to benefit our clients and their customers.


Concept Design

Conceptual and strategic design thought to incorporate each detail of the brand in the customer's experience.

  • Consultancy

  • Merchandising

  • Space Planning

  • Lighting & Fixture Design

Graphic Design

Visionary Communication Solutions created specifically to enhance your brand's productivity. We believe that clear comprehension builds enduring relationships.

  • Way Finding

  • Signage

  • Store & Brand Communication strategies

  • Identity Development

Project Implementation

Complete management of the project from its conceptual form to it's end result.

  • Construction documentation & administration

  • Master Planning

  • Prototype Rollout

Brand Strategy

Objective developement of a distinct Identity and image, one that will thoroughly represent our client and ensure their success.

  • Brand & Identity assessment and construction

  • Image Positioning

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